Friday, October 21, 2016


Oh hey, hi! Happy Friday. Today I'm comin at ya with some link love, but with a new name. Weekend reading edit just seems more... sophisticated, no? 


+ It looks like Khloe K's new line of jeans really ARE body inclusive & that's really cool.... if only they didn't break the bank.

+ Speaking of breaking the bank, I love this guide from Helene on saving money to travel the world. Right up my alley!  

+ I need Julia's entire outfit in my life like, yesterday. 

+ Now that the final presidential debate is over I feel it necessary to bring back this recent post. Some may call it shameless self-promoting, I'm calling it please don't let Orange Man run our country.   

+ I'm kind of OBSESSED with this sweater my girl Taylor wore out recently. After some researching it looks like it may be Elizabeth & James. Here's another higher end version, & then finally a cheaper variation. Hurrah! 

+ For when you need to chill out a bit.

Happy reading!


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