Monday, October 3, 2016

Up until a month or so ago, I hadn't had a bubble bath in the entirety on my teenage or adult life. I KNOW. But I found a bubble bath that doesn't hurt my eczema prone skin (not sponsored, just LOVE honest brand) & ever since I've been bubbling it up. 

SO, what makes a perfect bath? INGREDIENTS: 

Some people read in the bath but I'm more of a netflix-er. Lately it's been the fosters or gilmore girls. I'll watch an episode while my target dollar-spot candle burns & use this scrub. It's kind of heaven. 

Afterwards I'll moisturize with some soothing body lotion for optimal relaxation & by this point I'm usually so relaxed that all my anxieties have magically faded away. ....... for about five minutes, at least. 

I'm still getting the logistics down but for the most part I think I've found kind of the perfect bubble bath recipe. What's yours?


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