Monday, October 10, 2016

It's currently 1 AM & Fleet Foxes are playing as the words of this video run through my mind. Lately I guess you could say I've had a crisis of sorts. Nothing major, just questioning the future & my inspirations & passions. 

You know, the usual. 

Sometimes I forget what it's like to know myself. I think sometimes another thing I forget is WHY I blog. Sure, I want to curate pretty outfit photos and make self deprecating jokes, but mostly I just want to WRITE. When I look at the future, that's what I see. I've always fallen hard for pretty words and the thought of making even one person fall for them makes my heart burst a little. Fashion makes my heart race as well, so why can't I have them both?

I've been scared lately. Scared of taking risks & failing.... but isn't that what life is? It's the risk of it all. Remember what knowing yourself looks like & trust the things you know. 

So when inspiration's wearing thin & doubt creeps in, I've decided to look at this space. Look at the words in my mind still itching to become real. & so right now, at 1 AM, I know this is exactly where I should be in this moment.


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