Friday, September 30, 2016

Well hello, monthly favorites, we meet again. Two years at these posts & I'm still never quite sure how to intro them. 

I suppose I could just dive right in? Yeah, lets do that. Here we go:

I've got two essie colors I'm dying over right now: in the lobby and now & zen. I wrote about in the lobby last year (this might even be a repeat favorite... oops) & it looks like it's standing the test of time. & as for now & zen, there's something about matte grey nails and this color is PERFECT for the matte about you top coat.  

OK y'all, confession. Up until about a month ago, I hadn't had a bubble bath in a good oooh, fifteen years? My eczema never really let me, but I was looking for ANY new things to help with anxiety & a good bubble bath was on the list. (full post on the perfect bubble bath coming MONDAY) So I went on the hunt for some bubbles that wouldn't irritate my skin & settled on this one. I've got good news to report: it's earned the WDAC seal of approval. & it's orange vanilla... kind of an unexpected but dreamy combo?

As much as I love a good choker or statement necklace, my true allies lie with a simple, delicate pendant like this little gold one. Even better? Layering it with a longer necklace. 

I'm actually kind of obsessed with my lace-up flats. (regular size version found here) Lace ups are a very big trend this season & I adore the look of them. & they're actually incredibly comfortable too, which I was pleasantly surprised with. (the idea of string wrapping around my ankle wasn't super appealing in the beginning) Now I'm SURE there's nothing better than your fave pair of jeans & black lace-ups. I'm here for it.

OKAY, your turn to tell me what your favorites have been this month. 

Happy Friday! (I actually have the weekend off.... I'll drink to that)


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