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Friday, September 9, 2016

I've been reading too much buzzfeed & was tempted to title this something like 'I tried meditation for a month & here's what I found.' Because well, I did try meditation for a good month (and counting) and I've discovered quite a bit. 



I'm always looking for anything helpful for my anxiety, but for some reason was resistant to full-on mediation. Guided practices have never seemed helpful and the most meditating I'd done was shavasana practice at the end of a yoga session, & that worked for me..... but I needed something more. The benefits of meditation were not lost on me; of course I wanted reduced stress, better sleep & an amped immune system, among other things.

SO I turned to the app store for some meditation (has anyone started taking shots every time I say that word?) help and found Calm. (<== not sponsored, just love) SUCH a helpful app for anyone looking for a routine. I won't go into crazy detail- just let you see for yourself- but there are so many practices to choose from & every little bit helps. Of course, what works for me isn't going to work for everyone & there so many books and apps and if you wanna go really old school, tapes to get you started. 

My goal was to keep at this enough to make it routine, & I have, although some days are inconsistent because, LIFE. Ideally I practice twice a day; once first thing in the morning & once right before bed. I prefer to leave shorter practices for the morning since my brain is still only half functioning. But even with short sequences I've noticed how different it makes the start of my day feel. I'm better concentrated & I feel like I can take on the day better.

Same with night practices; I've actually had to force myself awake to finish the routine, HA! I've found I can fall asleep a lot better if I'm relaxed (who knew?) & the nights I decide to skip meditating are regretted right away. 

WHICH brings me to the conclusion of my findings: that just one month with (mostly) consistent mediation in my life has been successful. I've noticed myself keeping my cool more & obviously my anxiety hasn't just disappeared (if only) but with guided practices I'm learning how to better manage & be mindful. BEING IN THE MOMENT is such a tricky concept for me, but it no longer seems totally of reach. With mindful & consistent practice meditation really can work. 

Looks like I proved myself wrong. 

OKAY, your turn! If you've ever tried mediating let me know your experience!


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