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Monday, September 26, 2016

first day of autumn leaf action. {tee found here}

Oh hey, hi. HOW'S IT GOIN? Thought I'd pop in for a little b&b/ chat. It's been awhile.

FIRST, Camera update. Still not fixed. Still haven't taken the steps to get it fixed. Do I blame life or laziness? Hmmmm, life. Life happened. SO still kickin it old school with my point & shoot. #throwback #sovintage

Grey's & HTGAWM are back & we need to talk about for it for a sec. Seeing alex karev revert to his season one self is heartbreaking and I think he needs a hug. & you're telling me we gotta wait the entire Murder season to find out WHO DIED???? How is that okay? I get enough of that with pll, thanks.

{shades // choker} 

Operation Meditation is still in full swing. I never knew what even five minutes can do. VERY good for an anxious mind. Next up I'm gonna try & start this mindfulness book I've been meaning to get on for aaages. 

SO, what about you? What's new in your world?


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