Bella Hadid's Two Minute Makeup Routine- WDAC Style

Monday, September 5, 2016

Nothing like a clean cut, simple makeup routine, especially when you've woken up to discover you hit the snooze button oooone too many times. LUCKILY in times of trouble, we've got Bella Hadid to help us out. I did all the dirty work & timed it to see if it actually is only a two minute situation.

The result? In realistic terms, depending on how much of your own spin you put on things, you'll add about five minutes, (total time was about 7:31) but that's still better than half an hour, I must say. 

SO. Let's break things down a bit, shall we:

CONCEAL: Dot any problem areas & under the eyes, then blend with a beauty sponge.

BROWS: I went in with an accelerated version of my normal brow routine, filling in sparse areas and brushing UP.

CONTOUR & HIGHLIGHT: A necessity for looking awake & alive, I used my contour palette for a simple look, then got my highlighter stick out for the cheekbones and a little under the eye, as well as on the eyelid for added glow.

SHADOW: Next comes a dust of gold shadow (I love unleashed from this Lorac palette) onto the lids & inner corners. 

MASCARA: I like a good curl, but you can skip straight to the good stuff if need be. With this mascara, two coats does more than the trick.

LIPPIE: Since the rest of the face is simple, I like finishing things off with a nude or blush matte lip. Just a brush of color, not too much, adds a bit of depth and glam. 

AND BAM, things are fin. I think Bella's onto something; even with the extra time added this look is under ten minutes, perfect for early mornings or days you want to look like you spent half an hour more on things than you really did.

So it's your turn to try it & tell me how things went. Any adjustments you'd make? 

Happy Labor Day!


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