Autumn Essentials

Friday, September 23, 2016

OH HI. Autumn is FINALLY, OFFICIALLY, here, & even if you're like me and somewhere too warm for your own good, there are still things you should get ready to have on hand all season.


// Candles & autumn go together like lucas scott & literary quotes. (where you at, OTH fans) My favorite line is still the signature soy collection from Target & this season I'll be reaching for these two scents. COZY.

// Another classic fall pairing? Flannel shirts and a pair of grey booties or lace-up flats. Leggings are a classic way to tie this look together. 

// Wine/ burgundy is a fall staple color & right now I'm loving a simple burgundy dress. There are so many ways to wear it, like with a flannel tied around the waist or with a cardigan. Voila! 

// My favorite way to accessorize is with a good nail & lippie and for me, it's gotta change with the seasons! Dark nails are so dreamy, and this rimmel kate color is ALWAYS my go-to.

// PUMPKIN COFFEE. That is all.

// Oh & one last thing: every season needs a good playlist. Here's autumn's.

OKAY your turn: tell me all your autumn essentials! Anything I missed?


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