Three Ways To Be Creative This Week

Monday, August 15, 2016

When my creativity dwindles I feel like doing even the most simple of tasks is daunting & I feel like I need a change of pace like, IMMEDIATELY. I'm one of those people that feel like they have to be inspired at all times to get things done, & unfortunately it's just..... not there some of the time. 

SO I'm willing to try basically anything if it means getting my juices flowing. Anyone else the same way??

A few simple ways to spark some spice in your life this week:

I've been getting a little into podcasts recently (this one, to be specific) & they're kind of a great way to see things from different perspectives and learn something new. There's fun & laid back podcasts like the skinny confidential, and then there's more "serious" ones that you can find all over itunes. Whichever one is more your speed.

Change of scenery 
If I'm in the same place for too long I start to feel fidgety & complacent. I find that I can't get things done as efficiently and I JUST WANT OUT! So, change up the pace a little. Go to a different room in the house, sit outside for a minute, grab some coffee from a coffee shop. You never know what might spark something.

Discover a new love
Trying out new creative outlets is something I need to get better at. What's something you've always wanted to try but have been iffy about? For me it's watercolor. I can't draw for ANYTHING, so what's the point in trying anything that has to do with art, right? Here's to taking my own advice.


Okay, okay. Tell me some of your favorite ways to get creative!


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