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Friday, August 19, 2016

There are several key pieces that should be in every closet. One of the keys to building a great outfit is using basics to build off of. 

SO, here are eight essential pieces for kick ass looks:

1// Let's start simple, with a black tee. While a white tee is a good piece to have, in my opinion black is more of a must. Chic & simple & easy to layer is the way to.

2// Building on the t-shirts, another one to have is STRIPE. Stripes are a classic pattern that sharpens up a look. One of my favorite ways to style this piece is with overalls or shorts & tied at the waist, '90s style. 

3// I will never stop talking about denim, ever. It's one of the easiest ways to look put together, depending on what the denim is. In this case, it's all about skirts & jackets. The denim skirt is so in at the moment, but even if it cycles through I still think it should be a key piece. Versatile & classic, it's a '90s dream with a 21st century twist.

4// Sticking to the denim theme, every babe needs a good jacket to make a look feel that much more put together. I'm OBSESSED. Layer it with a tank, put it over a dress or tie it around our waist, anything. 

5// Cardigans might be one of my favorite clothing pieces in the whole world. What more could you want? Lightweight or more durable, long or short, AND THE COLOR OPTIONS. There are literally a thousand ways to style a cardi (ok, I exaggerate) & I might even do a little posty-post on it one time. HMMMM........

6// The importance of a faithful pair of jeans is something always talked about, & for good reason- blue jeans are one of the most basic pieces of a wardrobe and if worn well, they can make a world of difference.

7// FLATS. Let me tell you the importance of a good pair of flats: they are extremely versatile & can take you from work to weekend to night. There's summer flats & winter flats & everything in between. 

8// To round things out, let's talk about a couple necessary jewelry pieces. Statement necklaces are a perfect finishing touch on a simpler look. A watch is a must have, especially at the office, and rings are a great accessory to have on hand.

OKAY, what did I miss? Tell me what you'd add to the list!


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