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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hey hi! So it's favorites time again..... I didn't do a July one because I had no time for falling in love with more than like two things........ #thestruggle

SO I've combined some favorites from both this & last month. ALSO, I know everyone says something about how fast the year is going like EVERY favorites post, but WOW. It's basically autumn, & I'm so ready. Anyway, this month it's less about physical products & more on podcasts & music & things like that.


My recent loves playlist seems to be growing and I'm okay with it. The one song I'm super down with is Closer by The Chainsmokers & Halsey..... currently playing it until I grow sick of it, just like every song I get obsessed with. Anyone else?
I also purchased this album on vinyl a couple weeks ago. In my opinion Eyes Open is one of the best albums of the mid 2000s......

Okay so I say plural, but it's really only one of each. Still counts, right? I'm still loving The Skinny Confidential podcast- Lauryn & Michael are HILARIOUS, & the podcast is chill yet informative, especially if you're a fellow blogger. 
I touched a teeny bit on mediation recently & the app that is keeping me on track is Calm. (itunes; google play) There's both guided & unguided practices you can do (I like the lady telling me what to do) & it tells you how many days in a row you've meditated, to keep you in check.

I'm totally slacking in the beauty department lately; there just hasn't been a whole lot I've tried out. BUT I still love the nude lips trend & NYX liquid suede (in tea & cookies) is a go-to. The other beauty fave is a polish... WHAT'S NEW. But this time it's a gel top coat. I haven't taken the time to do acrylics in awhile so I've just been using this on top of my natural nail, but it sets the polish just as well & gives it a salon gel look. I love!

And for the one thing that doesn't fit into any of the categories.... (there's always the one) is Milk & Honey. If you have yet to read this book and you like poetry, GO READ IT NOW. Thank me later.

Tell me all about the products you've loved this month!


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