Five Things You Can Do For the World Today

Friday, August 26, 2016

{as much as I wish I took this photo, it was all Helene}

1// Donate to Louisiana flooding victims. Stevie's fave vet is holding a pet supply drive for all the furry friends affected. Even if you're not local, there's bound to be plenty of drives still going on! Consult google for ones in your area.

2// Sign up for amazon smile. Amazon Smile is this really cool thing they've created that sends a portion of your total to the charity of your choice (mine is Kidd's Kids) each time you buy something from the site. (Make sure you go to SMILE instead of the regular!)

3// Use your platform. As bloggers, I feel we have a duty to also use our space as a place to speak out on the things we're passionate about, even if it's heavy. If we do not speak, it will not stop. SO find your voice & use it. 

4// Meditate. Meditation is a semi-new thing for me (post in the works) but for lack of sounding like a new-ager at a health shop, I fully believe that by being in better touch with ourselves, we're also in better touch with the world around us. Try meditating for five minutes in the morning for a better day. 

5// Be a good listener. As important as it is to speak up, it's just as important to listen to others. Listen to their opinions (unless they're in favor of Donald Trump. Feel free to promptly dump that) & learn from their point of view. Being more open-minded is one of the best things you can do for yourself as well as everyone else.

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