Easy DIY Gel Manicure

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ever wanted to get a salon gel manicure without actually having to go to the salon? Don't worry, ya girl's got ya covered. In my June faves post I mentioned the diy route that I've tried a couple of times & while that certainly makes me no expert, it's something that works for me. (maybe this is kind of a no-brainer diy, but we gotta help each other out, am I right??) 

SO, here's the WDAC way to a gel mani, in five (or four!) steps:

First things first for any good manicure: moisturizing & massaging your hands with some good cuticle cream. This helps to soften the cuticle and nail for an easier process, plus it helps with the whole salon experience, if we're being real. 

The first time I tried this I used store bought acrylic nails & I absolutely love the look & feel of them. Unfortunately the glue ended up BUSTING after a few touch ups and I haven't got around to the store for a new tube, so this time around I did everything on my natural nails. Lucky for you, it works both ways! It's all about preference. I personally love the look of oval/almond shaped nails, so I'll use the fakes when I can. Either way, you'll need to file down the nails first. (If you're using acrylics, glue the nails on & file after)

Once that's done it's time for the most simple part: the actual painting! You'll polish your nails with the color of your choice, just like normal. I normally do two coats even when I'm not doing gel because I feel like it just helps with staying power & finish. Then it's the FINAL STEP:

There are a lot of gel top coats/ polishes out there & I'm sure most of them are good, but I'm an Essie snob so I stuck with what I know & used their Gel Setter Top Coat. So much shine! When the color is dry you just swipe this over everything & let dry. GOOD. TO. GO.

Have you tried an at-home or salon gel mani? I've only tried the at-home, so maybe I'm a bit biased. Tell me which one you like better!


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