As If: A '90s Revivial

Friday, July 15, 2016

The '90s is a very important decade to me, as it should be for everyone, in my opinion. It brought us some of the best music & shows, & OF COURSE the fashion.

That's what I'll be over here talking about for the rest of my life. Seriously. And lucky for us, some of the best '90s trends have been back for awhile now, & it looks like they might be here to stay? I mean, look how far denim has come. (oh, denim, my love) 

LET IT BE KNOWN: I'm calling it now. 

Although it seems like it should go underneath something, the slip dress is meant to be seen, & that it does. Kate Moss and Rachel Green are a pair of icons when it comes to the slip dress. (also with everything else, obviously) Look to them for inspo.

This is not the first I've written on my favorite necklace trend & it definitely won't be the last. What makes them so special? I'm not sure anybody knows. All I know is they're here to stay.

As much as I love my bright lips, there's no denying that brown shades have the upper hand at the moment, and for good reason. There's so many different tones that it's pretty much universally complimentary. PLUS it goes with anything!

If I'm being real, when overalls first really started gaining traction again a couple years back, I was a skeptic. The last time I had worn them Sister, Sister was still on the air and frankly, I was scared. Scared of the unknown. Could these glorified jumpsuits really make it in the 21st century? I had plenty of doubt. BUT it was quickly squashed when I actually put a pair on. & the rest was history. 

When I think of the velvet dress I think of Topanga Lawrence. (hyphen Matthews, duh) I feel like she's the queen of the trend, rocking a plethora of velvet looks. Bring that into 2016 with a modern & chic feel, with a pair of heels or boots. I kind of need one of these ASAP, please!

How do you feel about the 90s revival?


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