Friday, July 8, 2016

The process started out seemingly slow enough, like a lazy summer afternoon, which was perfectly fine with me. Then, all of a sudden, things were speeding up & it hit me just as suddenly that WOAH. 

I'm an adult.

How did it happen? And in the words of the wise Meredith Grey, HOW DO WE MAKE IT STOP? Although I'm not sure we can, knowing we're all wandering through this thing together makes it feel a little less alone. Is this why we coined the term adulting? Who knows. Who knows if it was coined ironically or jokingly or in a totally serious way. What I do know is that this is our life, & now there's an article circulating on why we should just shut up about "adulting" already.

It warns us that it makes us look like we believe we're living in a fantasy, which, if you pay attention to anything at all going on in the world, I think you'll be well aware that life in 2016 is not a fantasy, and it also (in a well-meaning attempt to point out our inequality) ends up belittling millennial women, since we apparently joke about doing grown up things more than our male counterparts. 


1// Why is the response to what young girls & women do with their lives one of such rage? Shouldn't that rage be directed towards, I don't know, racism? Sexism? Humans killing humans? I guess we're an easy target.

2// We're kind of just thrown into the world, expected to automatically know how to do everything. Family & consumer science courses are no longer required high school credit. There is no '101' college class on filing taxes or money management or how to change tires. Maybe searching through the #adulting tag on twitter is our way of learning. 

Why should that be a bad thing?

I'm a big believer in the notion that we're all in this together, (cue high school musical) and if helping each other get through this so called "adulting" thing, then there ya go. Maybe the word is getting a little overused, but the thought behind it & the meaning of it will always be relevant. The article got one thing right, the art of adulting is simply the art of existing in an adult world. But it's existing in our adult world, where the unknown is everywhere & all we have is each other. 

Hey! I adulted today.


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