Things To Do In June (Or All Summer Long)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Oh hi hey! Comin back at ya with another summer themed post today.... a little bucket list of things to do this month, or all summer long really!

// Make homemade ice cream. Because what's better?

// Take all the photographs. Life is a work of art, ain't it? (oh, I sound like a character in a John Green novel)

// Go exploring through town. The hidden gems can end up being the best kind.

// See a summer musical/ concert. There's something about the summer air that makes them better.

// NETFLIX, duh. Because some days it's just too HOT & you need your shows to get you through. It's okay. We're in this together.

// Stop & smell the candles. The sweet, sweet candles.

// Eat some cheesecake.  I don't really know how summer & cheesecake go together, they just do.

// LAUGH. Cheesy, but necessary. 

Tell me what's on your summer bucket list!


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