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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I guess you could say I'm a casual sports fan. I watch the games, have the apps, but sadly I'm not a Sarah. If anyone tries to talk sports with me I freeze up faster than high school Kaeleen during a math test. Maybe this makes me one of those fake fans everyone hates?

Maybe it's all for the best, though. Because, as I was sitting in my seat of the Rangers game, watching the seventh inning, I came to realize something I think I've known for a long time:

I am cursed.

Me. In the flesh. It seems to happen everytime. I can go about my day, casually checking the score of a game, not really thinking too much, and everything's fine. They usually end up winning, eruptions of cheers are had, it's a party. And then I sit. And I actually watch a game, invest those precious hours of my life into it. Stress out. And they lose.  I can't catch a break.

So, this is me, admitting the problem. That's the first step right? Maybe I should just quit sports altogether, then things wouldn't be so stressful! But where's the fun in that.

The more I write of this post, the more I'm positive there isn't really a point other than my rambling. I gotta keep it fresh, I guess? 

Just one more thing before I go: If you were a Ranger, what would your walk-up song be? Baseball never goes out of style, so I'd choose this one, obviously.

Come back Friday for a more coherent post, pinky promise!


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