Summer Spark

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

For me, the entire month of May is like the opening scene in high school musical 2 (I know you know the one I mean) where the word summer is just repeated over & over until FINALLY. The bell rings & it's sweet freedom. Only in this case, the bell is metaphorical. I don't really hear a bell ringing in my head! (most times)

I love scrolling through Taylor's hashtag on instagram, #mysummerspark. It's full of photos that are so unapologetically SUMMER, and as the days get longer & the nights hotter, we can hear it coming from a mile away.

Everything feels a little bit freer in the summertime. It's the smell of freshly cut grass & barbeque on the grill. That perfect sip of lemonade by the pool. That glorious scent of chlorine & SPF mixed together. Road trips & making up for lost time. The fact that somehow iced coffee tastes even better. Laughter & sunshine & ice cream. 

It's all so perfectly innocent and magical. And it's here.


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