Ten Good Things

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

In light of last night's political news, I've decided to throw all the positivity around today. I feel like it's so much easier to get caught up in negativity in the social media age than ever before. You can't just turn off the news and call it a day. Everything is everywhere, staring you in the face, crawling around in your head, like that girl from The Ring. (What an image to give you on a Wednesday) 

SO, to contrast that, a few good things:

1// Lighting a new candle

2// Those stories you hear of pets running across the country back to their owners

3// Driving with the windows down while your favorite song is on the radio

4// Girls complementing each other

5// 90s/ early '00s music (we know we all love it)

6// People who find lost phones/ wallets and track down the owner

7// PIZZA.

8// Those photos of people recreating old photos

9// The pitter patter of a dog's paws when they're running for your lap

10// Rereading an old book or watching your favorite show and it feels like coming home. (EW Kae, this isn't hallmark)

We can always go back to fearing for America's future tomorrow...... for now, there's glitter. Metaphorical glitter, of course. Unless you casually have actual glitter on hand, in which case I ask you..... where can I get some?


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