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Monday, May 2, 2016

The reason behind the cheesy grin and casually placed hand so the nail polish is seen just so? 

I'm bringing you a little tutorial today on some easy messy waves! 

* Disclaimer: I say the word tutorial very loosely. I'm in no way what the young people call those "beauty gurus." I know. You're disappointed. We can get through it together.

ANYWAY. I first started doing my hair in beach waves more back when I had the Lauren Conrad cut & now it's become one of my favorite ways to style it. Once I got the routine down it became like second nature & I like the way it looks kind of free. (Can hair even look free? I picture an entire head of hair blowing loosely in the wind, Stevie Nicks playing in the background. Casual.)

First things first: prep. At first glance this may look like a Tresemme ad, but alas. I just love these products! If I know I'm gonna wear my hair wavy the next day, after my shower I'll spray on this sea salt spray, scrunch, and air dry. But you can blow dry as well! The spray will give you some natural texture & serve as a good base.

Once it's styling time I'll heat up my flat iron and brush everything out, then I'll section my hair off, starting with the bottom. 

Then I spray some heat protectant on (I use this Tresemme one) and start curling my hair AWAY from my face. TIP: Twist the iron slightly as you move down and stop when you get to the ends; you'll want to keep them straight.

Take the next layer down, spray the heat spray, and continue the process on your whole head. Once you've finished curling everything, you'll wanna finger comb all over to get that messy, loose look. For even more effect you can scrunch the waves up a little & sometimes I'll tease the roots. 

{It's either cheesy grin or super serious model face. I'm real good at this blogging thing.}

1// Prep wet hair with sea salt spray and air or blow dry to natural texture
2// Section off hair starting with the bottom. 
3// Curl away from face, leaving the ends straight
4// Finger comb & scrunch waves for messy look
5// Teasing optional!

AND that's it. Told you it was easy! 

Let's talk hair. How do you do messy curls?


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