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Monday, May 30, 2016

Oh hi, hello! It's time already for another favorites roundup- this month was a good mix of trusted brands & trying out ones for the first time, and the jury is out now.

Let's see what the jury says:

I've never used an actual dry shampoo- just the baby powder hack for between washes. The powder really works, but sometimes it does tend to leave residue & I'm left looking like I had a powdered donut mishap. (I'm 100% pro-donut, just not in my hair) SO I decided to try out Fresh Start dry shampoo since most Tresemme products work well for me. This shampoo doesn't leave ANY residue & when I put it on I immediately feel a difference & an instant va-voom. 

Staying on the hair subject, if you read my March favorites I talked about my first experience with the ogx range & now I can't get enough! I picked up their coconut oil mist as I was looking for something to spritz on when my hair is dry for a little refresher & to tame those DANG FLYAWAYS. My hair gets pretty thick the longer it is, & as I'm growing it out it gets a little wild at times. This oil really helps smooth everything down and make it a little softer. 

On a recent Target shopping trip I found they had some of the Soap & Glory range and my little heart fluttered, as I've always heard such great things about it. The Scrub of Your Life caught my eye because it's exactly what my skin needs- a little TLC. The formula foams up & is SOOOO super silky and I think it's true love....

Okay so, remember this post on the under eye circle remedy? It's already changed up a bit. Don't worry, I still LOVE my chic luminosity, but I also made room for the Pixi undercover crayon in perk up peach. I was looking for an under eye concealer made specifically to help erase circles because I STILL needed some help. It definitely does more than a normal concealer, & when used with her correction cream in brightening peach, (along with my trusty chic luminosity) it does more than I could have ever imagined. It totally corrects the blue tone that haunts me so, HA!

On the fashion side of things, I'm still having a choker moment (dare I say the moment will last forever?) and I just love how much they've come back & I think they're a new summer staple. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Mossimo striped halter tee- it's such a simple & versatile piece that can make any outfit look chic. Plus there's like 5000 ways to style it. My favorite? Denim skirt, obviously. I also honestly can't say enough about this floral cold shoulder dress- I love the sleeves & the colors in the pattern are just soft enough. OBSESSED.

I've been listening to a lot of these songs, & also Ariana Grande & Fifth Harmony's new albums, because girl power. duh.

What have y'all been loving in May? Tell me tell me!

PS just realized the next time I do one of these posts I'll be 22. Cue existential crisis in 3, 2,........


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