Lip Color Mixing

Monday, May 23, 2016

I've been feeling like a bit of a lip mixologist. A lipologist, if you will. Okay, so I've only concocted one creation. But we all gotta start somewhere, am I right? Do't worry, I've tested this out before intoxicating you with it. (ok Kaeleen, enough with the alcohol jokes)

I've never been too much on the neutral lip trend, especially once Kylie started happening. (I'm just not a fan) I tend to go either dark or bright, but nothing really in the middle. BUT I recently bought NYX's liquid suede lipstick in Tea & Cookies and decided it was the PERFECT matte neutral. It's got the slightest pinkish tint to it, (because pink IS a neutral) so I thought I'd try it over a coat of elf's Dash of Pink. (also matte, also pink)

My routine: 
+ Start with Rimmel's transparent lipliner- helps the color stay!
+ One coat of elf
+ One coat of NYX

Three steps. That's literally all it takes for a chic pinkish nude.

Cool, right?

{choker found here}
I kinda like this color mixing thing... if you need me, I'll just be testing out all the possibilities EVER!

Have you ever tried "lipology"? 


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