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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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*Disclaimer: Before I start this post I should probably let you know that technically I haven't worked out in about oooh five days. Whew, feels good to get that off my chest! Transparency is the way, am I right ladies? I'm also in no way a fitness expert but I want to share what works for me!

SO with that in mind, my workout routine isn't so much a "routine" as a "squeeze it in when I can" situation, because life is hard & the retail life is not glamorous, nor are the hours stable. I try to do SOME form of working out at least three times a week, but sometimes it's less, sometimes more. I tend to exercise in the evenings & I don't really have a reason for it.... I'm just a night owl who likes to party it up! What can I say? 

For the longest time my only real form of exercise was yoga. I still like to incorporate it a lot, but I also like to get a little cardio in. I'm more of a work from home (*cue fifth harmony) kinda girl, & luckily my parents have this cool stationary recumbent bike I like to use. (the perks of living at home, folks!) I'll usually queue up netflix or put on my workout playlist and do about twenty minutes or so. Walking my dog is another form of cardio I always like! When the weather lets us, of course. 

Also, we can't forget about weight lifting. Thinking about the weights I lift compared to those intense ones you see at the gym is preeeetty comical, I must say. But we do the best we can, and sometimes our best is a five pound weight. Look ma, I've got upper arm strength! 

Then we move on to the yoga. I've talked before about my two favorite yoga youtubers, but HERE THEY ARE AGAIN. Adriene has some longer routines for when you have more time. I love all of her stuff- she's super relaxing. Tara Stiles has a lot of shorter (under 15 minutes) routines that are quick but get the job done and you still feel like you did something. 

I don't always do the cardio & yoga together, some days I'll only do one. But it's a little groove that works for me.... you know, when I actually do it. HA. Who knows? Today might even be the day....

Alright, I'm sure your routines are much less boring than mine. Tell me about them! Even if it's just eating pizza, that's cool too. I approve.


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