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Monday, April 11, 2016

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Crafting is one thing I can't do. I can write all the blog posts, make a mean pot of mac & cheese, but re-create something from pinterest- or even worse, actually make things to sell? Yikes. So I let the ones who can do their thing. (and try to not be jealous about it)

Whether you're an artist or a writer/blogger or a small business owner, all of the above or something else entirely, we're all creatives. We just create differently. That's the beautiful thing; that we can take something that's been done so many times but make it something totally new. But taking somebody else's thing entirely and claiming it as your own? Not so pretty. 

I really don't know where the heck I'm going with this. I think I just needed to vent about individuality, especially in the blogging/ creative world. I get it, it's hard to be original. But is it really that hard? We're all entirely different. So why is it "easier" to be the same? 

I think you have to find your thing and run with it. Put your own spin on things. Trust me, nobody's done it exactly like you will if you just take the time. And please, I beg you, if you wanna make t-shirts, make up your own things. 

And if you just want to hang with your dog? Let Taylor help you out & you'll be helping the pups as well.

What's your take on originality? Did this post even make sense? Guess it's Blabby Cathy Monday over here....


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