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Friday, April 22, 2016

A couple days ago I raved on my snapchat for a hot sec about Sonia Kashuk's highlighter stick. The whole highlighting concept is still semi-new to me, and it never really occurred to me to try it under my eyes. 

BUT it was getting to the point where just concealer under there wasn't doing the trick, and I needed something a little more to brighten things up. So, cut to me standing in the middle of the makeup aisle at Target, frantically researching & coming to a decision: Sonia it was. (I picked up Sparkling Sands) 

I like using powder highlight for my cheeks, but for under my eyes I was thinking something more solid, which is why I chose a stick. The formula just glides on & it's got a shimmer to it that really glows. What I've been doing is putting on my concealer first (in 10 fair) & then BEFORE blending I roll the highlight on in the same place (don't forget the V shape) and then I blend. 

I've found that blending the concealer & highlighter at once makes everything look more... put together? After that I go in with a powder to set & voila! I just got the glow powder like two days ago and my first impression? It glows, alright.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to completely rid my dark circles; they seem to be genetic. They're always there, just waiting in the wings... waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Hopefully I've found a formula to combat them at least a little better!

What about y'all? Do you highlight under your eyes? Tell me your glow tricks!


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