Breast Reduction 101 (Part Two)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey hi! SO, remember our chat last week? We left off right before the surgery, so now let's get into the nitty-gritty of the actual process & recovery.  

I don't actually remember too much about the day of, at least before. I can't even tell you what time the surgery was scheduled for, but I do remember it was very early morning. One memory that sticks out to me- and one that I use as an anecdote on my anxiety- is when I was in the pre-op room getting hooked up to everything. By that point my whole body was on edge & when I got hooked up to the heart monitor it was preeetty obvious. One of the nurses even looked at me, with her concerned nurse's face on, and said, "Sweetie, do you have a heart condition??" Nope, just anxiety that makes my heart beat 5000x past the normal range, no big. 

Anyway, after that is when things start to get fuzzy. They wheeled me into the OR, put the anesthesia mask on, & the next thing I know I'm in outpatient recovery. Apparently I'm a hit on anesthesia so I can only imagine the show I was giving the nurses LOL. They gave me a mirror to look at my chest and it was kind of a surreal moment.

After awhile they let my parents come into the room & had me sit in a chair, & that's when I think I actually realized "oh hey, I'm in pain." And y'all, there was pain. It was like an elephant sitting on my chest? But once they started me on pain meds all was good. In fact, it was so good that I'm pretty sure I slept the whole way home.......

The total recovery time was about four-ish weeks, right on schedule with Christmas break. The first few days were really rough. The recliner was my temporary home & if I wasn't asleep from the meds, I was in pain. I think the pain was pretty much gone within two weeks, (don't worry, each day was better than the last) I still just had to be careful about what I did. When I was cleared to wear a "real" bra I was sooooo happy about it. (VS was too, since they got all my money that day)

I'm still happy about it. By now there is only tiny scars, but I don't mind them anyway. It's a small price to pay for such a good thing. Before I actually had plastic surgery, my views on it were a little skewed. Now, not so much. Of course I believe in embracing your flaws & loving yourself, but if you are really unhappy & want to change something, you do you. That's not to say you should get procedure-happy a-la Heidi Montag, but maybe there's a happy medium? I say all this to say that I do not regret my surgery, one bit. I no longer cry in the dressing room because my chest won't cooperate with anything. I no longer feel like my proportions are out of place. I can't say the surgery took all of my confidence issues away, but it has helped tremendously. 

Luckily everyone in my life was super supportive, but unfortunately that's not always the case, as the "it's like slapping God in the face" (why do people think saying that is cool anyway? ANYWAY) & comments of the like seem to be popular. BUT guess what. It's your body. If you're ever thinking about this surgery, do it. For yourself, your health, and your happiness. Those that matter will support you, trust me. The topic of plastics (hey, Grey's) is no longer taboo by any means, but for some reason I feel like breast reductions still are. Wonder why. #feminism am I right?
Seriously though, if anyone ever has questions on this topic, don't be afraid to email, snapchat, call me beep me.... Lemme know if these posts have helped you! 
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