Breast Reduction 101 (Part One)

Friday, April 1, 2016


I've been meaning to write this post for awhile, but it's kinda gnarly. It's not a topic I'm ashamed of or scared to talk about by any means, I've just been putting it off, mainly because of the possibility of it becoming a novel if I don't split it up into two parts, so that's what I'll do. 

Part one (this one, if you didn't guess) is more of a chat on my decision to get a breast reduction (wait, this wasn't some weird April fools thing? you ask) & I think part two will detail more of the actual process, recovery, and afterthoughts.

SO. This topic is not for the faint of heart, or for the guys. (are there even any of you out there?) SORRY. Unless a guy stumbles upon this who wants to read about it, which is totally fine. Just don't be weird about it, yeah? 

PSA over. 

Remember how last summer the topic of breast reductions was sort of thrust into the spotlight when Ariel Winter got vocal about hers? My little heart swelled at her being so open and that's when I knew I needed to share my own story at some point. WDAC is all about sharing advice, stories, & inspiration, after all. No BS. So. I've had plastic surgery. That still feels weird to say sometimes, ha.

Anway, let's start from the beginning shall we?

I guess you could say I was an early bloomer. Like, kinda ridiculously so. I skipped right over the training bras and into buying shirts two sizes too big just so they would fit comfortably over my chest. By the time I was fifteen I was CONSTANTLY having to layer because if a top was any lower cut than a crew neck, forget it. I felt kind of ashamed by my chest size? Looking back I truly think that's where some self esteem issues stemmed from. It was a constant inner (and outer) battle, but I tried to learn how to live with it. I became accustomed to getting looks from gross middle age men and searching through tears for clothes that would work with me.

But it was getting old fast, because it wasn't just a self esteem issue; it was a physical one.

I've been 4'10" (& a half LOL) since maybe eighth grade. Like I said, I started early, so I stopped growing kinda early too. (even though my chest didn't) Most of me is smaller proportioned..... and then there was my chest. It made everything look so... weird. I honestly don't think my body handled having these things very well. It couldn't. The more into my teenage years I got, the more my back ached. I have minor scoliosis & there's no way the extra weight helped any. My shoulders were tense constantly (even more so than from my anxiety) and my body just felt off. I felt uncomfortable all the time. 

{Summer 2011. Apparently that was the summer of taking photos in hats
 in the middle of Charming Charlie & for naked eyebrows.}
I often vocalized my frustrations to my mom because I knew she understood; she had had a reduction as a teen, and she even suggested that I kept an open mind about one for myself in the future. Part of me wanted to just deal with it like I had been, but I couldn't see myself going through the rest of my life like that. So, after A LOT of thinking/praying/researching, by the summer I turned eighteen I had decided I wanted to do it.

I honestly don't remember a whole lot about the "before" process of researching for a surgeon & all that. (Maybe I blocked it out LOL) I just remember one day my mom taking me downtown to Dr. Schuster (definitely recommend) for a consultation & I'm pretty sure I was terrified, but once we actually got in the room and started talking I felt more at ease. Looking at some before & after photos of previous patients solidified it for me; he knew what he was doing. The only hurdle was waiting to see if insurance was going to cover it (because most insurances don't cover plastic surgery unless it's considered "medical"- ugh) but Dr. S. was confident we wouldn't have any problems. 

He was right- a couple weeks later we got confirmation that it would be covered & I was set. We scheduled the surgery for over Christmas break (Dec. 17, 2012 to be exact) since I was in my freshman year at college & could be home for a whole month of recovery.

By this point the anxiety was eating me away. On the one hand I was SO READY (the only way I can describe the feeling is like when you're ready to chop your hair & you JUST CAN'T WAIT) but the other hand...... I was convinced I wouldn't make it off the operating table. Up until that point, the biggest procedure I'd had was an endoscopy & I even freaked out for that! It was a waiting game and I was losing. 

WHEW okay I think this is where I'm gonna stop it for part two.... because we all love cliffhangers. It should be up at some point next week! In the meantime, have any of y'all had a BR or other plastic surgery? I wanna know your take.


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