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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

{sometimes you have to just use a cool photo that doesn't necessarily go with the post. Blogging 101, duh}

I was all set to do my usual PLL post but when I sat down to write it... there was nothing. Not a lot has been happening the last few episodes and I just feel like it's not fun to write or read about right now. I'll probably cover next week since it is the spring finale (already??) but lemme know your feedback- do you even like the recaps? Should I continue it next season or let it fade?


Yesterday was International Women's Day & it left me feeling extra inspired and with lots of love for the women in my life and around me. In recent years I've learned more than ever that you feel so much lighter & freer once you realize that we are not in competition with each other. Instead, we're right next to each other, every single one of us, around the world & that's kind of the coolest thing.

When I first became part of the blogging community it seemed scary. It was like the first day of high school, the tiny overwhelmed freshman among the sea of super cool seniors. But it quickly became clear that though there were the "big" and "small" blogs, we're all kind of on the same level. We're just out there doing our thing and we're supporting each other while doing it. 

It's kind of like that offline too, huh? Or at least it should be. So. Keep fighting & making noise & never apologizing. Know your worth. Be kind & brave. We got you.



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