Two Minute Brow Routine

Friday, March 4, 2016

I don't know about you, but some of my favorite posts to read are routines. Makeup routines, morning routines.... gimme all of 'em. (Maybe it's because I'm nosy? LOL)

SO. Let's talk my brow routine. I'm not one of those gurus with super fab eyebrows 24/7 by any means, but I have gotten a pretty tried-and-true (for me) routine down. The best part? It takes TWO minutes. (give or take a few secs) My brows are always one of the last things I do, and usually by the time I get to them I'm pressed for time, which is why I need something simple but that still looks put together.

I prefer pencils over powder because I feel like you have more control and it's not as harsh, and Anastasia Perfect Brow pencil is my favorite. Its spoolie on one end is necessary since the "prep step" is brushing up the brows. 

After I'm all bushy-tailed, I lightly trace just the tip of the brows upwards with the pencil, then go in and lightly line the entire bottom. I know a lot of people line the top as well, but I've found for my face it looks too harsh & too big almost. So, just the bottom it is. I feel like lining is the trickiest part and once that's over all you have to do is fill in the gaps. (Just remember to ALWAYS go up, not sideways.)

Once everything's been filled, I like to brush up one more time. I learned from Lauryn that doing a sideways brush risks looking too "done." The upwards stroke really gives a more natural, I woke up like this vibe, which brings me to the gel. Y'all know my love for Great Lash clear mascara- it's a do-it-all. I've never used an actual brow gel because this stuff works just as well. A little goes a long way and again, angle the brush up! 

Last step is just adding some highlight under the brow bone. (and I also like to go on top for good measure) The highlight color from my contour palette does the trick! And voila.

To recap:

1) To prep, brush brows upward
2) Lightly trace tips of brows in
3) Line bottom of brow & then fill in any gaps
4) Brush upward once more & seal with a gel
5) Highlight brow bone

BAM. Now spill your routine! What are your favorite tools? Powder VS pencil? Let's chat about it.

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