Three Things To Do On A Monday

Monday, March 28, 2016

I've been following Michael Bosstick on snapchat (seriously, if you don't follow him & Lauryn you're MISSING OUT.) and guy's got some solid advice on business & life. A piece of that advice? 

Mondays don't have to suck.

I know. It was a shock for me, too. But seriously, why is Monday always treated like Cinderella before the ball? So the weekend's over. Another one comes in five days; why not make the most of Monday?

Here are some keys for productivity: 

Attitude is key. When I was school & my anxiety got bad over tests, my dad used to tell me that if I was adamant I wouldn't do well, the mindset would likely stick and I might not do as well as I could. Same applies here. If you're already in that "I hate Monday" mood, then things are likely to go downhill. Reset your focus & mindset. Meditate, take a shower, whatever you gotta do.

Review your week
I always like to do this on Sundays, especially when it comes to blog stuff. BUT you should take Monday as the day to reinforce your plans. Know your goals for the week & make those to-do lists. 

Catch up on reading
Books, blogs, whatever your favorite method is. We take in knowledge without even realizing it- even by checking twitter trends. (because who has time in the AM for a novel) When I read stuff about other people doing stuff, kinda makes me want to do something, too. 

See? Monday can be cool! Well, we'll give it an A for that effort.

Lemme know what you like to do to make Mondays productive! I could use more tips HA.


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