Spring Essentials

Monday, March 21, 2016

How glad are you that spring is here? I love this time of year and just like with the start of every season, spring brings with it some must-have essentials for survival. 

Here's what's on my list:

Bright nails + lippies
All the pretty colors pop out this season and I always like my nails and lipsticks to reflect that. Essie's Muchi, Muchi & Find Me an Oasis are two no-fail colors, and for the lips I've been obsessed with NYX's extra creamy stick in Strawberry Milk. 

Signature scents
I've never been a "fruity" perfume kinda girl; I tend to gravitate towards warmer, vanilla-y scents. Maybe you're the opposite? Whatever the case, find a scent you can turn to all season. When it comes to burning candles, I actually like the light fresh scents and I STILL adore this line at Target. 

All the rose
There's a reason rose quartz is the color of the year; it's pretty, light and versatile. A strong pair of rose gold flats like these or these are universally flattering and can paired with pretty much anything. Same with a pair of flattering sunglasses- your outfit is instantly more colorful.

Blast-worthy playlist
I like making playlists for each season (here's mine for spring 2016) that you can listen to while getting ready or jam to in the car. (because we can all relate, right?)

Versatile pieces
I recently put together a mini spring lookbook (yikes a plug-in) that I'll be referring to for ideas quite a bit. The key is (for any season) looking for versatile pieces that a lot of times are already in your closet, and mixing them up in fresh, season-appropriate ways. Of course, a couple shopping sprees never hurt anybody.......

Alright, what about you? Spill your spring essentials. Anything I missed? 


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