Secrets To Running A Blog

Friday, March 11, 2016

I never knew what it took to run a blog until I actually had my own to run, and along the way I've learned lots of must-have behind the scenes secrets and lessons that I KNOW you're dying to know about. 

How do you do it all? The white rug instagrams, the looking-at-the-ground-and-smiling outfit photos? Actually writing posts? Today, those burning questions are answered.

1// Write. All the time. The best way to hone your craft is to do it, right?

2// Take the choice of your appointed photographer very seriously. (Trust me. it's rough out there for the blogger BF-less) 

3// Be yourself. Be weird. Weirdly fabulous? There is no judgment in blog world. (most days)

4//  When you're taking outfit photos, look at the ground a lot. Pretend there's a really big donut down there. Instagram likes guaranteed.... 

5// Blog consistently, but don't publish a post just to have one out. (This may contradict things, since this post is out there. Just go with it) 

6// If all else fails, remember: everybody loves a good list post.

Now spill your secrets......


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