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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


All things considered, the season six finale was pretty good. Like better than the rest of the season.... obviously my standards have become critically low.

Let's bullet point & review, shall we? SPOILERS:

  • In a completely unexpected  turn of events, Ezra & Aria and Hanna & Caleb happened again. Listen, I love #haleb, but not when they're both already with other people.

  • There were theories of a twin story line happening, which looks like the rumors are true. Mrs. DiLaurentis had a twin sister who gave birth while in Radley. That baby was.... Charles. You guessed it. Charles was adopted into Ali's family where she eventually transitioned into Charlotte. SO Cece was actually Ali & Jason's cousin, not sister. Keepin up?

  • Oh yeah, to add to the twist? Rollins is in cahoots with Mary (the twin sister) though I'm not quite sure what their endgame is. To have control of that Carissimi Group? Revenge for Charlotte's death, maybe. (oh yeah, cause Rollins was in love with her. Makes total sense, right?) In any case, I'm not surprised about him. He had no backstory and came out of left field. Villain was the only explanation. 

  • Alright, am I the only one not concerned about Hanna? It's obvious she's still gonna be alive. That's what this show does, makes you think people are dead when they're really not. Also, remember that scene of the girls in Alison's classroom when she's writing on the blackboard? That hasn't happened yet, and Hanna was there. SO. 

What do you think? Were you impressed with the finale/ season as a whole? Do tell.

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