March Favorites

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And we're back with the monthly favorites! March happened in like, a millisecond BUT at least I found lots of goodies: 

NYX's extra creamy lip has been getting a lot of screen time lately, so it's a given for a favorite. Strawberry Milk is the light pink-y tone I've been wearing, but I also want to try some new colors out! Any recommendations? 

On my nails I'm loving Cascade Cool from essie. Its description calls it a "creamy, sweet dusty pink" and that's exactly what it is. Its formula makes for easy application and it's a lovely pop for spring.

I actually forgot to put this OGX shampoo in last month's favorites (sorry 'poo) but at least it's given me an extra month to test it out. The results? Still the same: I LOVE IT. I'd been using Garnier's color shield ever since I started dyeing my hair, but now it's pretty much back to its natural color & I didn't see the need for a color shampoo. SO I decided to try the coconut milk & it's got the WDAC seal of approval for its blend of (mostly) natural ingredients and softening formula.

It's about time I put a candle in this roundup, however I can't find it online ANYWHERE. (my luck) I do know it's from Target, it's called Blushing Apricot, & it smells like springtime heaven. 

These rose clubmaster sunglasses are everything- chic & on trend. I kinda have a sunglasses problem... as in I have way too many. But you gotta have some for every season, right? Another accessory fave is this cute little watch from Francesca's. The face of my everyday watch cracked awhile back and I'd been on the hunt for a new one. As soon as I saw the tiny elephant I was hooked.

For all my fellow ladies with tiny human feet, have I mentioned how good the Stevies brand at Target is? For being like eight, Steve Madden's daughter sure knows what's up. I picked up these wedge sandals because they're a must-have this season & go with pretty much anything. For the more regular footed, I've found some similar pairs here, here, & here.

ALRIGHT, what about y'all? Tell me everything you loved in March!


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Three Things To Do On A Monday

Monday, March 28, 2016

I've been following Michael Bosstick on snapchat (seriously, if you don't follow him & Lauryn you're MISSING OUT.) and guy's got some solid advice on business & life. A piece of that advice? 

Mondays don't have to suck.

I know. It was a shock for me, too. But seriously, why is Monday always treated like Cinderella before the ball? So the weekend's over. Another one comes in five days; why not make the most of Monday?

Here are some keys for productivity: 

Attitude is key. When I was school & my anxiety got bad over tests, my dad used to tell me that if I was adamant I wouldn't do well, the mindset would likely stick and I might not do as well as I could. Same applies here. If you're already in that "I hate Monday" mood, then things are likely to go downhill. Reset your focus & mindset. Meditate, take a shower, whatever you gotta do.

Review your week
I always like to do this on Sundays, especially when it comes to blog stuff. BUT you should take Monday as the day to reinforce your plans. Know your goals for the week & make those to-do lists. 

Catch up on reading
Books, blogs, whatever your favorite method is. We take in knowledge without even realizing it- even by checking twitter trends. (because who has time in the AM for a novel) When I read stuff about other people doing stuff, kinda makes me want to do something, too. 

See? Monday can be cool! Well, we'll give it an A for that effort.

Lemme know what you like to do to make Mondays productive! I could use more tips HA.


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Link Love || 3.25.16

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hi hey! Comin' at you with some weekend reading + links to procrastinate with:

+ Since my hair's getting longer I can try a lot of these simple little styles. Love the milkmaid braid!

+ This dress is officially what I'll be wearing on Easter. Stripes are a must.

+ Speaking of LC, I CAN'T WAIT to see what her Celebrate collection is gonna look like.

+ Taylor always has a way of taking words from my mind and putting them into much better well-structured sentences than I ever could. (This also goes for Taylor Swift, obviously) What even is the IT factor? Do any of us really have it? Discuss.

+ Target is killing their romper game this season! Go ahead. Go down the rabbit hole & thank me later.

I hope y'all have a lovely Easter weekend! See ya back next week for some March faves.....  PS got any links you think I'd love? Tell me about 'em.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

As evidenced in Monday's post, I love color, especially in spring.

BUT. A little nude x white never hurt anybody either.

When I found this top at Francesca's (obsessed with that shop) the other day I knew it would be perfect with my white skinnies and some rose colored flats. 

The key with neutrals is balance. With this outfit, the white breaks up the more nude colors and brings an unexpected pop. 

Pink nails optional. 

blouse | Francesca's
skinnies | Mossimo
bag | Dana Buchman
shoes | Stevies (similar here & here)
sunglasses | Target
watch + bracelet | Francesca's 
nails | essie 'Cascade Cool'


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Spring Essentials

Monday, March 21, 2016

How glad are you that spring is here? I love this time of year and just like with the start of every season, spring brings with it some must-have essentials for survival. 

Here's what's on my list:

Bright nails + lippies
All the pretty colors pop out this season and I always like my nails and lipsticks to reflect that. Essie's Muchi, Muchi & Find Me an Oasis are two no-fail colors, and for the lips I've been obsessed with NYX's extra creamy stick in Strawberry Milk. 

Signature scents
I've never been a "fruity" perfume kinda girl; I tend to gravitate towards warmer, vanilla-y scents. Maybe you're the opposite? Whatever the case, find a scent you can turn to all season. When it comes to burning candles, I actually like the light fresh scents and I STILL adore this line at Target. 

All the rose
There's a reason rose quartz is the color of the year; it's pretty, light and versatile. A strong pair of rose gold flats like these or these are universally flattering and can paired with pretty much anything. Same with a pair of flattering sunglasses- your outfit is instantly more colorful.

Blast-worthy playlist
I like making playlists for each season (here's mine for spring 2016) that you can listen to while getting ready or jam to in the car. (because we can all relate, right?)

Versatile pieces
I recently put together a mini spring lookbook (yikes a plug-in) that I'll be referring to for ideas quite a bit. The key is (for any season) looking for versatile pieces that a lot of times are already in your closet, and mixing them up in fresh, season-appropriate ways. Of course, a couple shopping sprees never hurt anybody.......

Alright, what about you? Spill your spring essentials. Anything I missed? 


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Six Outfits & Styling Tips | Spring Lookbook

Friday, March 18, 2016

The seasons are a changin and I'm so ready to break out all the spring things. I love putting fall & winter outfits together, but Texas never lets you know how much you'll be able to do until the very last minute. Typical.

But. The spring & summer stuff I was made for. At least ya let me have that one, TX. 

Anyway, I've put together six outfits & some styling tips I'm into for this season, plus a quick little video for you. (!!!)

Let's talk some quick & dirty styling tips:

1// White denim is always in season (not just before September!) but it's at its prime in spring. Freshen things up with a patterned tunic & long necklace.

2// A leather vest adds a "tough chic" feel to a girly dress. Don't be afraid of unexpected textures for the season!

3// A collared blouse tucked into high waisted shorts= instant put together look. Kimono optional.

4// Y'all know my denim love; add a cropped or shorter top to a denim skirt for instant proportion. Rose gold flats add a chic touch!

5// A lightweight dress with pops of color is a springtime must-have. Play it up with a statement necklace & some flats or wedges.

6// Wanna make a dress a tad more casual? Tie a chambray shirt over it and voila.  

Which looks are your favorites? I honestly can't pick HA. Lemme know your fave kind of outfits for spring!

pants | Mossimo
necklace | DIY'd
shoes | similar

dress | f21 (similar)
leather vest | Ambiance (similar)
shoes | similar

kimono | l'patricia (similar)
shorts | Mossimo
shoes | similar

top | h&m
denim skirt | f21
shoes | similar

necklace | thrifted- similar

floral dress | MM Couture (thifted- similar here & here)
denim top | Noble U Los Angeles


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Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Hush Hush Sweet Liars

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


All things considered, the season six finale was pretty good. Like better than the rest of the season.... obviously my standards have become critically low.

Let's bullet point & review, shall we? SPOILERS:

  • In a completely unexpected  turn of events, Ezra & Aria and Hanna & Caleb happened again. Listen, I love #haleb, but not when they're both already with other people.

  • There were theories of a twin story line happening, which looks like the rumors are true. Mrs. DiLaurentis had a twin sister who gave birth while in Radley. That baby was.... Charles. You guessed it. Charles was adopted into Ali's family where she eventually transitioned into Charlotte. SO Cece was actually Ali & Jason's cousin, not sister. Keepin up?

  • Oh yeah, to add to the twist? Rollins is in cahoots with Mary (the twin sister) though I'm not quite sure what their endgame is. To have control of that Carissimi Group? Revenge for Charlotte's death, maybe. (oh yeah, cause Rollins was in love with her. Makes total sense, right?) In any case, I'm not surprised about him. He had no backstory and came out of left field. Villain was the only explanation. 

  • Alright, am I the only one not concerned about Hanna? It's obvious she's still gonna be alive. That's what this show does, makes you think people are dead when they're really not. Also, remember that scene of the girls in Alison's classroom when she's writing on the blackboard? That hasn't happened yet, and Hanna was there. SO. 

What do you think? Were you impressed with the finale/ season as a whole? Do tell.

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Lucky | What to Wear on St. Patrick's Day

Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's

I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the traditional sense.... but there is no way I'm risking a pinch. (the smart decision) 

SO I always try to find some cute green to incorporate into the day's outfit. My personal preference is not too much, just a touch.

How about you? Do you care if you wear green? 

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Secrets To Running A Blog

Friday, March 11, 2016

I never knew what it took to run a blog until I actually had my own to run, and along the way I've learned lots of must-have behind the scenes secrets and lessons that I KNOW you're dying to know about. 

How do you do it all? The white rug instagrams, the looking-at-the-ground-and-smiling outfit photos? Actually writing posts? Today, those burning questions are answered.

1// Write. All the time. The best way to hone your craft is to do it, right?

2// Take the choice of your appointed photographer very seriously. (Trust me. it's rough out there for the blogger BF-less) 

3// Be yourself. Be weird. Weirdly fabulous? There is no judgment in blog world. (most days)

4//  When you're taking outfit photos, look at the ground a lot. Pretend there's a really big donut down there. Instagram likes guaranteed.... 

5// Blog consistently, but don't publish a post just to have one out. (This may contradict things, since this post is out there. Just go with it) 

6// If all else fails, remember: everybody loves a good list post.

Now spill your secrets......


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We Got You

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

{sometimes you have to just use a cool photo that doesn't necessarily go with the post. Blogging 101, duh}

I was all set to do my usual PLL post but when I sat down to write it... there was nothing. Not a lot has been happening the last few episodes and I just feel like it's not fun to write or read about right now. I'll probably cover next week since it is the spring finale (already??) but lemme know your feedback- do you even like the recaps? Should I continue it next season or let it fade?


Yesterday was International Women's Day & it left me feeling extra inspired and with lots of love for the women in my life and around me. In recent years I've learned more than ever that you feel so much lighter & freer once you realize that we are not in competition with each other. Instead, we're right next to each other, every single one of us, around the world & that's kind of the coolest thing.

When I first became part of the blogging community it seemed scary. It was like the first day of high school, the tiny overwhelmed freshman among the sea of super cool seniors. But it quickly became clear that though there were the "big" and "small" blogs, we're all kind of on the same level. We're just out there doing our thing and we're supporting each other while doing it. 

It's kind of like that offline too, huh? Or at least it should be. So. Keep fighting & making noise & never apologizing. Know your worth. Be kind & brave. We got you.



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Best Drugstore Lipsticks For Spring & Summer

Monday, March 7, 2016

A good lipstick is key to confidence and at least looking like you have your life together (JK. But really.) and as soon as March hits you'll find me reaching for my brighter, pink-y toned lippies. (why is that such a weird word to say in a sentence) Maybe it's a southern thing? (Reese Witherspoon taught us well)

Anyway, I'm all for splurging on high end, but my favorite lip colors always end up being drugstore. SO I've rounded up five of my picks for best spring/ summer colors:
Let's start with a couple of NYX colors: I first tried out Summer Breeze last year and it quickly became a favorite. Its matte finish leaves a fresh pop of pink, without being too overpowering. Strawberry Milk is a lighter tone, but the brightness factor is upped, along with pigmentation. This whole color screams spring, am I right? PS NYX staying power= magic.

Two of my favorite Maybelline colors for the warmer months are Faint For Fuchsia and Shocking Coral. The fuchsia is such a great bright pink that makes anything pop. It's a nice pigment and of course I love the creamy matte finish. Shocking coral is a sharp pink made for days spent poolside, or to instantly brighten up any outfit. The staying power on pretty much all Maybelline lipsticks are always great, as well.

And then we have elf's Dash of Pink, a rich matte "red pink" tone that's perfect for when you need a color that says "I definitely didn't wake up late today." It's subtle yet gets the point across and while you may need to reapply a couple times throughout the day, its pigmentation is a good one.

OK, time to tell me your picks! Do you swap out your lipsticks with the seasons or are you more of a "anytime, all the time"? xo,

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Two Minute Brow Routine

Friday, March 4, 2016

I don't know about you, but some of my favorite posts to read are routines. Makeup routines, morning routines.... gimme all of 'em. (Maybe it's because I'm nosy? LOL)

SO. Let's talk my brow routine. I'm not one of those gurus with super fab eyebrows 24/7 by any means, but I have gotten a pretty tried-and-true (for me) routine down. The best part? It takes TWO minutes. (give or take a few secs) My brows are always one of the last things I do, and usually by the time I get to them I'm pressed for time, which is why I need something simple but that still looks put together.

I prefer pencils over powder because I feel like you have more control and it's not as harsh, and Anastasia Perfect Brow pencil is my favorite. Its spoolie on one end is necessary since the "prep step" is brushing up the brows. 

After I'm all bushy-tailed, I lightly trace just the tip of the brows upwards with the pencil, then go in and lightly line the entire bottom. I know a lot of people line the top as well, but I've found for my face it looks too harsh & too big almost. So, just the bottom it is. I feel like lining is the trickiest part and once that's over all you have to do is fill in the gaps. (Just remember to ALWAYS go up, not sideways.)

Once everything's been filled, I like to brush up one more time. I learned from Lauryn that doing a sideways brush risks looking too "done." The upwards stroke really gives a more natural, I woke up like this vibe, which brings me to the gel. Y'all know my love for Great Lash clear mascara- it's a do-it-all. I've never used an actual brow gel because this stuff works just as well. A little goes a long way and again, angle the brush up! 

Last step is just adding some highlight under the brow bone. (and I also like to go on top for good measure) The highlight color from my contour palette does the trick! And voila.

To recap:

1) To prep, brush brows upward
2) Lightly trace tips of brows in
3) Line bottom of brow & then fill in any gaps
4) Brush upward once more & seal with a gel
5) Highlight brow bone

BAM. Now spill your routine! What are your favorite tools? Powder VS pencil? Let's chat about it.

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Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Burn This

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This week's PLL saw more totally threatening A threats (for real. Horror movie material with this one, right?) and random Sara Harvey pop-ups.

+ First, I feel like we should talk about the notes from A that Aria found in her parents' wedding photos. How much sense does it make that none of the guests would've seen the cards on the table and freaked? A is ballsy, I'll give 'em that.

+ Why does Sara Harvey seem to show up at every corner? And why do the girls never just call her by her first name? Do they think we'll forget? So many questions.

+ From the looks of the failed bridal shower game, Hanna hasn't really shared much about Jordan with the girls. Or anyone, really. Hmmm.....

+ I've always had such mixed feelings on the whole Aria/ Ezra thing. I mean, I used to think "eh okay" because he didn't know her age when they met. But then (way) back when it was revealed he met her on purpose for book research...... yikes. ANYWAY.

Enough about my thoughts.... tell me yours! OH and how do you feel about this whole Caleb/ Toby rift?? Just let bros be bros, man. 

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