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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This week focused heavily on the girls' personal lives, with a touch of new mysterious A threats and Mona cryptic-ness. 


+ Why did Dective Tanner have to show up again? I've always wanted to punch her in the face. (Getting right into violence, nice Kaeleen)

+ In new A crimes, Emily's eggs were destroyed (along with thirty other women's because A is ruthless) and Jordan was threatened with a mysterious use of eggs & bacon? I'm not even sure what the threat was. But in any case, Hanna got the message loud and clear.

+ I'm confused as to if Spencer's mom is even sick at all? There was something mentioned of breast scans, so does that mean she has breast cancer? 

+ I called Alison & Rollins ending up together way back... chalk it up to the fact that the previews for this half of the season showed her writing MRS. ROLLINS on the chalkboard. Totally not a give away or anything. I wonder when the big proposal will be?

+ Once again Mona's cryptic clues give no answers and leave more questions. Does anyone get her current motives? Did she let us know because I really can't tell.

+ So now we've got Melissa as the next one on the "who killed Charlotte??" list. Who knows if her suitcase handle is really the murder weapon, but I still think she is connected to everything somehow. I'm anxious to know your thoughts on it!

+ On another note, how chic was Aria's two piece + jacket combo? Obsessed.

YOUR TURN: Lemme know your thoughts/ new theories! Maybe we can help each other make sense of it all. (a girl can dream)

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