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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If I could sum up last night's episode in a few words they would be: Awkward. Pretty outfits. Weddings. Confusion. I spent more time than I'd like to admit wondering "what can I talk about?" because it all seemed so anti-climatic. 

Well, besides Ali & Rollins (does anyone even know his first name?) wanting Aria to marry them, like now. But we'll get to that. Some other key points:

+ The girls figured out there was more than one person after them. Well duh. Because there always is. And I guarantee Melissa is involved somehow. She seemed so sketchy with the suitcase thing, although she always seems sketchy and then it turns out to be nothing. Or that's what we think.....

+ It looks like Aria is Ezra's new official ghostwriter.... as if that relationship isn't messed up enough.

+ Spencer & her mom's "Do you want some coffee?" "I already had a pot" exchange is me. (Yes this is an important point, okay?

+ Aaaad Alison & Rollins are engaged. I called that part, but I didn't call them running to Aria's parents' house asking her to marry them. (Oh yeah, Aria got officiated so she could re-marry her parents. Totally casual.)

+ The last few episodes I feel like the style has made more of an impression on me than the storyline (yikes).... & if you don't have this blog bookmarked do it asap. Cue me searching every outfit from the past six years....

Okay, your turn. Thoughts? Concerns? etc?? Spill!

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