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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The premise this week was simple: Sparia back in action looking for answers, this time in reference to Sara. Did they get any? No. Only creepiness.

Other very constructed thoughts:

+ I'm glad at least Aria's parents are getting back together. That's one couple down... also I guess that reveal means Byron isn't as shady as he's made out to be. Or maybe we're just being lied to, because when aren't we?

+ Whaaat is Mona up to? The whole phone thing was never really resolved. But I'm 98% sure she's working with Sara. Or 97%. 89.5%, at least.

+ There is one of three possibilities for what happened to Emily from her hospital bed. One, she really was hallucinating, two Alison just somehow missed Sara coming into the room, OR she's covering for her. I really don't know which is more plausible at this point.

+ Sara in general just makes me really uneasy. Why would she want to stay in the room that was Charlotte's when she was in Radley? I don't get any of her motives.

Alright, your turn. Got any good theories? Thoughts/ objections? Throw em out there.

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