H&M Floral. & A Chat.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Oh hello, hi! Let's chat for a sec. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. Stop sweating.

I always try to be as transparent as possible on this space, no bs. (I learned from the best) Which means sometimes being real on things outside my comfort zone. So, let's talk realness, shall we?

Fact: For every "good" outfit photo, there are 98564 deleted ones.
Fact: Over 70% of people would change the way they look.

Fact: Body positvity is way freaking easier said than done.

I'm not gonna preach to you about "learning to love your flaws" because right now I feel like that's not easy. It's really freaking hard. (I've been watching too much Grey's, love ya Karev) 

BUT. There is so much more freedom in not caring, in finding happiness in your own ways. If I could go back and make myself realize that, it would've saved so much wasted time & anxiety & weird compromises with myself that don't make sense like "I skipped lunch so it's okay if I have this chocolate." (????)

I don't want you to have wasted time.

ANYWAY, WDAC's Hallmark moment of the day over. Onto the outfit.....

So it's a little early for a floral crush. Sue me. I couldn't resist the floral crop I found (on sale!) at H&M. The lace trim detailing draws the eye in, and a collar gives it a polished feel. 

High waisted shorts are one of my favorite pairings with a shorter blouse, but skinnies or an edgy skirt look chic as well. This look is pretty versatile, which for me means it'll be sticking around awhile. New bffs.....

top (similar) + shorts | h&m 
wristlet  | Mossimo
shoes (similar)
nails | Maybelline Color Show in Iced Queen

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