Five Things To Be Happy About

Friday, February 19, 2016

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Taking notes out of The Blogger Journal (she's not paying me for this, just love) today with a list of things to be happy about, because we could all use a reminder now and then. And if all else fails, just remember you're not on twitter begging Mark Zuckerberg for money. (I still can't get over that)

1// It's Friday. (That one was easy)

2// All the pretty + chic looks from NYFW. I'm thinking of doing a roundup of some of my favorite shows/looks sometime next week... something you'd wanna see?

3// There's officially one month until spring!

4// These new photos from the Gilmore Girls revival set. (!!!!)

5// That first sip of morning coffee. You know, the perfect one.

What are you happy about today?

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