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Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey, hello! Happy leap day. (Do people wish each other a happy leap day? Should we make that a thing? Please discuss.) I do think it's kinda cool that we have an entire extra 24 hours to do whatever we want with, like starting a new project or binge watching Fuller House. (which I haven't actually started yet, I'm so sorry)

ANYWAY, this month was definitely quality over quantity beauty wise, with Maybelline bringing it in. (not sponsored, I'm just more in love than ever) Their new Master Contour palette is so good I did a whole post on it. It's perfect for beginners (me) or for anyone who just wants to simplify their routine and it's quickly become part of my daily makeup. 

I also picked up their Dream Velvet foundation this month (my color is 05) and I love the matte finish of it. At first I was afraid I'd have to stop wearing it because I noticed it seemed to be drying me out some in random places on my face, but luckily if I add a few drops of oil to my beauty blender before blending there's no dryness! Crisis averted. 

To round out the beauty, The Rock Nudes was added to my nudes collection (that phrase out of context...) and it's safe to say I'm obsessed. I might do a full post, but for now I'll just say how shimmery and pigmented it is (especially the matte colors) and it can easily take you from a day to night look. Love!

Now for all the randoms......

At the beginning of the year I was in the market for a new blog planner and I'm so glad I found and ordered The Blogger Journal. It's got monthly & weekly planners, a place for notes and ideas each month, plus expense trackers, post ideas.... basically everything you could want in a blog planner. 

This month started Fashion Month and there were some shows I'm not in love with (I think I'm more picky about fall shows than spring?) but the ones I did love were perfectly chic. (Hugo Boss & Michael Kors in particular)

I've always been a fan of Julia's blog but this month it's been like never before. (I'm so dramatic today HA) Her style and aesthetic are always 110% and you can tell she puts everything into the blog. #inspo

So, your turn now. What have your favorites been this month? Tell me what I should try! xx, 

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