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Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey, hello! Happy leap day. (Do people wish each other a happy leap day? Should we make that a thing? Please discuss.) I do think it's kinda cool that we have an entire extra 24 hours to do whatever we want with, like starting a new project or binge watching Fuller House. (which I haven't actually started yet, I'm so sorry)

ANYWAY, this month was definitely quality over quantity beauty wise, with Maybelline bringing it in. (not sponsored, I'm just more in love than ever) Their new Master Contour palette is so good I did a whole post on it. It's perfect for beginners (me) or for anyone who just wants to simplify their routine and it's quickly become part of my daily makeup. 

I also picked up their Dream Velvet foundation this month (my color is 05) and I love the matte finish of it. At first I was afraid I'd have to stop wearing it because I noticed it seemed to be drying me out some in random places on my face, but luckily if I add a few drops of oil to my beauty blender before blending there's no dryness! Crisis averted. 

To round out the beauty, The Rock Nudes was added to my nudes collection (that phrase out of context...) and it's safe to say I'm obsessed. I might do a full post, but for now I'll just say how shimmery and pigmented it is (especially the matte colors) and it can easily take you from a day to night look. Love!

Now for all the randoms......

At the beginning of the year I was in the market for a new blog planner and I'm so glad I found and ordered The Blogger Journal. It's got monthly & weekly planners, a place for notes and ideas each month, plus expense trackers, post ideas.... basically everything you could want in a blog planner. 

This month started Fashion Month and there were some shows I'm not in love with (I think I'm more picky about fall shows than spring?) but the ones I did love were perfectly chic. (Hugo Boss & Michael Kors in particular)

I've always been a fan of Julia's blog but this month it's been like never before. (I'm so dramatic today HA) Her style and aesthetic are always 110% and you can tell she puts everything into the blog. #inspo

So, your turn now. What have your favorites been this month? Tell me what I should try! xx, 

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Seeing Green

Friday, February 26, 2016

Although this darker green is more of a fall pantone, I like the contrast of it for spring. 

My trusty versatile leather jacket adds some feminine edge, but it can be paired with denim for a softer look, or you can just let the dress do the talking.

I really like the beaded detailing on the collar as it gives it some oomph without being too overdone.  

dress | h&m (similar)
leather jacket | f21
earrings | LC Lauren Conrad
sunglasses | Target
shoes | similar
wristlet | Mossimo

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Previously on Pretty Little Liars... We've All Got Baggage

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If I could sum up last night's episode in a few words they would be: Awkward. Pretty outfits. Weddings. Confusion. I spent more time than I'd like to admit wondering "what can I talk about?" because it all seemed so anti-climatic. 

Well, besides Ali & Rollins (does anyone even know his first name?) wanting Aria to marry them, like now. But we'll get to that. Some other key points:

+ The girls figured out there was more than one person after them. Well duh. Because there always is. And I guarantee Melissa is involved somehow. She seemed so sketchy with the suitcase thing, although she always seems sketchy and then it turns out to be nothing. Or that's what we think.....

+ It looks like Aria is Ezra's new official ghostwriter.... as if that relationship isn't messed up enough.

+ Spencer & her mom's "Do you want some coffee?" "I already had a pot" exchange is me. (Yes this is an important point, okay?

+ Aaaad Alison & Rollins are engaged. I called that part, but I didn't call them running to Aria's parents' house asking her to marry them. (Oh yeah, Aria got officiated so she could re-marry her parents. Totally casual.)

+ The last few episodes I feel like the style has made more of an impression on me than the storyline (yikes).... & if you don't have this blog bookmarked do it asap. Cue me searching every outfit from the past six years....

Okay, your turn. Thoughts? Concerns? etc?? Spill!

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H&M Floral. & A Chat.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Oh hello, hi! Let's chat for a sec. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. Stop sweating.

I always try to be as transparent as possible on this space, no bs. (I learned from the best) Which means sometimes being real on things outside my comfort zone. So, let's talk realness, shall we?

Fact: For every "good" outfit photo, there are 98564 deleted ones.
Fact: Over 70% of people would change the way they look.

Fact: Body positvity is way freaking easier said than done.

I'm not gonna preach to you about "learning to love your flaws" because right now I feel like that's not easy. It's really freaking hard. (I've been watching too much Grey's, love ya Karev) 

BUT. There is so much more freedom in not caring, in finding happiness in your own ways. If I could go back and make myself realize that, it would've saved so much wasted time & anxiety & weird compromises with myself that don't make sense like "I skipped lunch so it's okay if I have this chocolate." (????)

I don't want you to have wasted time.

ANYWAY, WDAC's Hallmark moment of the day over. Onto the outfit.....

So it's a little early for a floral crush. Sue me. I couldn't resist the floral crop I found (on sale!) at H&M. The lace trim detailing draws the eye in, and a collar gives it a polished feel. 

High waisted shorts are one of my favorite pairings with a shorter blouse, but skinnies or an edgy skirt look chic as well. This look is pretty versatile, which for me means it'll be sticking around awhile. New bffs.....

top (similar) + shorts | h&m 
wristlet  | Mossimo
shoes (similar)
nails | Maybelline Color Show in Iced Queen

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Five Things To Be Happy About

Friday, February 19, 2016

//recent essentials

Taking notes out of The Blogger Journal (she's not paying me for this, just love) today with a list of things to be happy about, because we could all use a reminder now and then. And if all else fails, just remember you're not on twitter begging Mark Zuckerberg for money. (I still can't get over that)

1// It's Friday. (That one was easy)

2// All the pretty + chic looks from NYFW. I'm thinking of doing a roundup of some of my favorite shows/looks sometime next week... something you'd wanna see?

3// There's officially one month until spring!

4// These new photos from the Gilmore Girls revival set. (!!!!)

5// That first sip of morning coffee. You know, the perfect one.

What are you happy about today?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The grammys are probably old news already, since they were ya know, two days ago, but there's one topic still on my mind. Maybe it's my feminist self, maybe it's my Taylor Swift bias, maybe it's this post by another Taylor that had me yelling "preach" the whole time. (except I read it in the middle of the break room at work, so it was more of a silent yell)


In any case, if you've heard anything about Kanye West in the last couple of weeks, you know about his highly misogynistic new song Famous, which Taylor is a subject of. When the song leaked, most everyone was defending her (which I adored) and when she won album of the year she took her speech as an opportunity to stand up for herself in the classiest way possible.

So why is it that the majority of articles I've seen called her speech a "diss?" 

Why is it that people were getting genuinely mad at her on twitter for being excited for her friend Ed Sheeran when he won?

Why are people so fickle, turning on something or someone at a moment's notice, for no real reason? Do you really dislike successful, genuine women that much? Really.

And to any man who thinks they can undermine a woman's accomplishments and claim them as your own, you can't.  Arrogance won't get you very far, my dear.

Like the saying goes, "Behind every successful woman is herself." And the best shade of lipstick, duh. (So I added that part, sue me) Anyway, this probably isn't my most well thought out or put together post, but this is the stuff that keeps me up at night. It also keeps Stevie from her dog dreams because she has to hear about it.

How do you feel about it all?

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Previously On Pretty Little Liars... Where Somebody Waits For Me


This week focused heavily on the girls' personal lives, with a touch of new mysterious A threats and Mona cryptic-ness. 


+ Why did Dective Tanner have to show up again? I've always wanted to punch her in the face. (Getting right into violence, nice Kaeleen)

+ In new A crimes, Emily's eggs were destroyed (along with thirty other women's because A is ruthless) and Jordan was threatened with a mysterious use of eggs & bacon? I'm not even sure what the threat was. But in any case, Hanna got the message loud and clear.

+ I'm confused as to if Spencer's mom is even sick at all? There was something mentioned of breast scans, so does that mean she has breast cancer? 

+ I called Alison & Rollins ending up together way back... chalk it up to the fact that the previews for this half of the season showed her writing MRS. ROLLINS on the chalkboard. Totally not a give away or anything. I wonder when the big proposal will be?

+ Once again Mona's cryptic clues give no answers and leave more questions. Does anyone get her current motives? Did she let us know because I really can't tell.

+ So now we've got Melissa as the next one on the "who killed Charlotte??" list. Who knows if her suitcase handle is really the murder weapon, but I still think she is connected to everything somehow. I'm anxious to know your thoughts on it!

+ On another note, how chic was Aria's two piece + jacket combo? Obsessed.

YOUR TURN: Lemme know your thoughts/ new theories! Maybe we can help each other make sense of it all. (a girl can dream)

Spring Ready Suede

Friday, February 12, 2016

I know suede is thought of as more of a fall texture, but it can be played up in the spring as well. 

Paired with a geometric or floral print and a bright necklace for a pop of color, a suede skirt can easily be spring ready.

I know, I know, we haven't made it past winter yet.

But fashion is always one step ahead, no? 

blouse | Merona (similar here)
suede skirt | f21
necklace | Unkown
bag | Kate Spade

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Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Do Not Disturb

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The premise this week was simple: Sparia back in action looking for answers, this time in reference to Sara. Did they get any? No. Only creepiness.

Other very constructed thoughts:

+ I'm glad at least Aria's parents are getting back together. That's one couple down... also I guess that reveal means Byron isn't as shady as he's made out to be. Or maybe we're just being lied to, because when aren't we?

+ Whaaat is Mona up to? The whole phone thing was never really resolved. But I'm 98% sure she's working with Sara. Or 97%. 89.5%, at least.

+ There is one of three possibilities for what happened to Emily from her hospital bed. One, she really was hallucinating, two Alison just somehow missed Sara coming into the room, OR she's covering for her. I really don't know which is more plausible at this point.

+ Sara in general just makes me really uneasy. Why would she want to stay in the room that was Charlotte's when she was in Radley? I don't get any of her motives.

Alright, your turn. Got any good theories? Thoughts/ objections? Throw em out there.

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Maybelline Master Contour Palette

Monday, February 8, 2016

I'd say I'm fairly good at doing my makeup, thanks in part to years of practice and killer beauty gurus directing me. But contouring is the one art I could never quite master. Sure, I could sweep on some bronzer with the best of 'em, but the technique? 

I didn't really have one.

Then, Kallie came in and saved the day with this post and I was instantly intrigued. Somehow a palette seemed less intimidating, so of course I had to test Maybelline's out for myself.

Though there are only two shades, (light to medium & medium to deep) they seem to be pretty universal. I was a little hesitant about the highlight since it's a powder, and so many of the "big" highlighters are stick, but this one goes on super smooth and literally gives you a sparkle.

Instead of using the blush in the palette, I've been using my NYX HD blush in Hamptons, but it's totally a preference thing! Finding whatever blush works best for you specifically is key. 

I've been incorporating this palette into my routine so much that my face already feels a little exposed without it, so the WDAC seal of approval was inevitable. If you're not 100% sure about contour, or even if you just want to simplify the routine a bit, this is your bff. 

Have y'all tried this palette? How do you feel about contouring as a whole? Spill.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Hi, hello.

Question. Would you think less of me if I told you that my first h&m experience was only the other day? It's okay, believe me, I was judging myself too.

Anyway, it was successful, one of the finds being this gem of a sweatshirt. I love a good graphic top, 
and ones with important social messages? Yes please.

I decided to pair it with some skinny jeans and leather jacket, for a little extra flair. I'm also currently dying over the flats; they're a perfect tie-in.

Aaand boom.

sweatshirt | h&m (dress version)
jeans | Mossimo
jacket | f21
neckalce | LC Lauren Conrad
sunglasses + shoes (similar) | Target

Previously on Pretty Little Liars... New Guys, New Lies

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And here we are, another Wednesday, another chat. This was another iffy episode in which we didn't really learn much, except for the fact there's another A situation.

But we kinda already knew that, didn't we?

+ Spencer & Caleb used to be my brotp and then they had to pull out the romance card. Why couldn't they have just stayed friends?

+ And why did we never find out if Toby proposed to Yvonne or not? I'm guessing he didn't, and I'm also guessing why.......

+ Where. Is. Ali.

+ I always knew Aria's dad was shady. So who's he working with? Sara? Ezra? No one? WHAT'S GOING ON

+ I love that Spencer & Yvonne don't have the whole ex girlfriend vs new girlfriend thing going on and instead take on politics together. I'd like to see more of that, please.

Tell me, are things ever going to get interesting again?? We'll see.

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Monday Playlist

Monday, February 1, 2016

My spotify is full of playlists for just about every mood, holiday, and emotion possible, including the playlist that's a little bit of everything and a lot of feels.

Cozy indie vibes to nostalgia, it's all there and I'm sharing it because hey, it's Monday, clearly an emotional time. Am I right? (Side note, I think I'm gonna end every post with that from now on. No better way, am I right?) 

....please don't hate me.

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