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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


OKAAAY let's get right into the third episode of season six, AKA I've Seen This Before But For Some Reason I Can't Turn It Off:

+ Looks like Sara's creepy level went up to a ten in the first minute of the episode. Is that a record or something?

+ Speaking of Sara.... we were finally reminded of what happened to her "that night": Electrocution. I say reminded because I sure couldn't remember. "Something happened that nobody knows about." Yeah, no kidding. Thanks, handy flashback.

+ We learned that Emily's not sick, she's just broke and donating her eggs. Casual. #youdoyou

+ I hate to say it but I see myself becoming somewhat open to the idea of Spencer & Caleb. But something about it still feels.... off. I think him with anybody other than Hanna will always feel kind of wrong. Sigh.

+ Looks like the dolls are back and next week we have another bin situation. If you saw my snapchat (@kaemichelle) you know my new favorite joke: We should recycle more.... LET'S START WITH ALL THESE STORY LINES!

...... thanks, I'll be here all week.

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