Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FINALLY PLL is back... I've missed doing these little recaps.

The premiere of the second half of season six brought the start of  "five years forward," and with it came changes and five years of an A-free life. Not for long....

+ The girls all come back to Rosewood to essentially lie for Alison, I guess for old time's sake? So much has changed, but it's still the same.

+ I guess Spencer's pill issues have been passed down to Emily. I hate that they killed her dad! 

+ It's clear that they're going to make Spencer and Caleb a thing, something so out of character for them both. I'm not on board with it at all. 

+ I could've called Charlotte being murdered (right after she's let out of the sanitarium- talk about irony) and from the looks of the previews for next week it looks like we're right back to the whole "she's the killer no he is no she is" plot. 

+ Overall it was a good opener to the new chapter; for once it's not as predictable as before. 

Now it's your turn! SPILL thoughts/ new theories.

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