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Friday, January 29, 2016

Hey loves! I've got some January faves comin' your way later, but for now let's talk about some new favorite weekend reads:

+ I've been trying to get up earlier on my off days, but sometimes all efforts render useless. Sound familiar? I'll be using these tips asap, thanks.

+ Kallie makes the whole contouring thing so much simpler. After reading this post I picked up the contour palette (naturally) and so far the test drive is going well... 

+ Helene is basically the blogging queen, and here she lays out some quick tips on reaching out to businesses and other bloggers, plus she's got a media kit template available. Yes please!

+ I love that reached out to me about their article on the best foundations! They did extensive research (and weeded out any foundations with less than 12 shades- women of color are underrepresented enough) to come up with their picks.

+ I'm pretty sure Lauryn can read minds because I was in dire need when she put this post up on getting in an "office mood". Sometimes I just can't get into a work flow no matter how much I want to and it's so annoying. 

+ A friend shared this article on facebook and I thought it was pretty relevant since I'm in the middle of my Grey's watch. (On season seven now.... six's finale tho. INTENSE.) #5 on the list is too real.

Found any can't miss links lately? Lemme know what I should add.

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