Four Ways to Detox Your Life This Month

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We're almost a week in to the month, and if you haven't given up on your resolutions already, you're about to. I know, the truth hurts.


However, it makes it a million times easier to keep up with your goals if you've got killer inspiration helping you out. (no brainer, Kaeleen) 

Read helpful books
For me, old school "self help" books tend to equal textbook level boring. I can't concentrate on what I'm reading because I'm thinking of all the things I'd rather be doing and I don't get anything out of it. (anyone else like this??) 

What I do find helpful are books that are more relatable, ones that read more like a blog post than a physics book. I recently picked up The Little Book of Mindfulness, (because I saw the cover and had a moment of "omg was this written for me") filled with quotes and little tips on how to de-clutter your mind and create balance. 

You can also try the three book theory and see how much it increases your creativity! I might have to delve into it as well....

Start a new yoga practice
One of the only times I'm completely chill and bright-eyed and bushy tailed is when I'm in the middle of yoga. I like finding different routines and series so I'm never bored. 

This can also apply to any workout if yoga isn't your thing. Join a new gym, start a new spin class, whatever your thing is. 

Clean out your closet
What's a better new year's detox than getting rid of all the clutter that accumulates throughout the months? I like to have a system of keep, give away, and trash piles and go from there. 

Another tip? Think "what would Stacey & Clinton say?" Be brutal with yourself. If it's less than flattering, doesn't fit, or hasn't been worn since '09, kiss it goodbye. 

Drink more water
Wanna know a secret? Cleanses do more harm than good. Instead, focus on things that do have benefits, like drinking more water. This one I should have written on my forehead because I'm terrible with remembering water. (If it was coffee we were dealing with I'd be golden)

But it makes for clearer skin and immune system, plus a clearer mind. So drink up.

Anything I missed? Tell me how you like to start over.

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