Winter Essentials

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas week also means the (official) arrival of winter, as if it's not obvious by the change in climate and skin that begs "moisturize me" more times than Cassandra on Doctor Who. (anyone remember that)

Anyway, I've found a few essentials that help make the season a bit easier on well, everything:

Beauty essentials

One of my hair care must-haves is the Hair Food mask, and it's especially needed in the wintertime. It hydrates the hair and leaves it feeling so. soft. I used to use it once a week, but lately I've been incorporating into every hair wash and I'm even more in love with the results.

Olay's face wash is another essential, a winter skin saver if you will. I'm obsessed with how refreshed it makes my face feel every morning.

My hands get extra dry this time of year, so I keep a travel sized tube of Jergens in with my makeup so it's there when I need it. 

Another rough area is my heels (few feelings are more ick than the feeling of cracked heels snagging on your socks) and Earth Therapeutics massage lotion is a lifesaver. Tea tree oil helps with the healing, while mint and lavender give the perfect calming effect.

Now onto lippies..... 

I used to read that you should exfoliate your lips like the rest of your skin, but I was like eeeh. Lip balm is good. Little did I know, exfoliators actually make a world of difference. Add some balm after and dry lips won't stand a chance.

You'll also need a lovely little red lipstick.... you can never go wrong with Rimmel Kate 107.

Fashion Essentials

I could go on about my winter fashion loves, but two of those things are essential for the season:
a fashionable + functional coat and a good little pair of booties. (don't worry, you can find regular size replicas of these everywhere)

Everything else

I love filling my room with warm candles on a cozy winter night (Fireside Hearth is one of my faves)  as well as a good playlist. It creates a kinda chill vibe that's much needed.

I also love hot chocolate. Lots of it. Add some popcorn & m&ms and voila. Instant nostalgia. And don't forget the marshmallows.... 

The key to surviving winter is finding products to help fight seasonal blues, (stay tuned for more on that) smooth out ick dry skin, and make sure your wardrobe's ready for the storms, all while staying chic.

Did I miss anything? Spill all your essentials for the season!

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