What I Got For Christmas 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

I always like reading these blog posts/ watching youtube videos, mostly because I'm nosier than Gladys Kravitz. 

Anyway, I got so many lovely things that I'm thankful for. Big gifts are nice, but I always like getting a bunch of cute, random assortments of small ones like:

Some things off my list (that I FORGOT TO PHOTOGRAPH) like the KS address book, Stars Hollow wall art, and this Trendy Sparrow wall hanging. (At least that one managed to get in the photo) Another favorite was the Adele album that I've been blasting for three days. It's fine.

My cousin's lovely wife works at Lilly (I need that job asap) and I was gifted with some cool little journals and a couple of clutches, as well as the Anthro monogram mug that like every blogger has. We've already had an instagram moment.

Coffee seemed to be front and center this year (wonder why) and now I've got all the frappuccinos and K-cups and grounds I could ever need. For the month at least. 

Now that Incredible Things has been added to the mix, my perfume collection includes every Taylor Swift perfume, ever. But who's counting?

This was the year of adult coloring books (why do they call them that anyway? Who cares that I'm an adult with a coloring book? It's kind of like the man bun thing. No. You're just rocking a bun. Get over it.) and I'm a liiiitle excited to make them all pretty. My sister even threw in gel pens. Yeah.

And of course the array of gift cards..... always welcome. Always treasured. 

There was also a selfie stick involved, which is all a blogger needs really. I hope it doesn't get tired easily.

There's more bits of odds and ends I didn't share, but still love. This Christmas was pretty laid back and good like always.

OKAY. Your turn. Tell me what you got! How did you spend your day? 

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