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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas list

Maybe December 2nd is a little early to throw a wishlist up, but everyone has been asking me for ideas so I figured I'd just go ahead and make everyone happy. 

(and by everyone I actually mean my mom. hey mom.)

Is it just me, or is it harder to think of a list for yourself as you get older? Now I find myself focusing more on what to get other people (I guess that means I'm an okay person to have in your life) but I kind of neglect myself in the process. Plus instead of toys and Barbies it's boring adult stuff. (sometimes)

BUT it's okay now. A list has been made. 

1// Prints & mugs. The Trendy Sparrow is probably my favorite etsy shop to ever etsy and her art prints are always so pretty. This one is perfect to hang next to my desk while drinking coffee from this super relatable mug and working on my (what else) blog.

2// 25 vinyl. I know what you're thinking. "Kaeleen, you haven't listened to the album yet. How do you know you'll like it?" It's Adele. I'll know.

3// Gilmore Girls poster. I saw this on tumblr once and that was it. I need it in my life.

4// Bodum French Press. I've been wanting to get myself a french press and become a fancy diy barista for like, forever. 

5// KS address book. In my efforts be get more organized, what could possibly be better help? And it's chic, too.

Tell me if you've made your list and what goodies are on it! Also: Do you like gift cards? What are your faves? (mine include forever 21 & starbucks.... cough)

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