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Friday, December 18, 2015

In bloggy world, there comes a time when it seems like you're surrounded by nothing but "looks like there's no post" days. Luckily I somehow always manage to get it together in the end and create a spectacular piece that is wept over. 

Or at least ya know, gets some comments. 

Today was one of those days, so instead of racking my brain into oblivion, I took some photos of the old Christmas tree a-la Sarah, hoping it would spark some sort of magic.

Blogger confession: My nails were chipped so I re-painted my right hand for this photo. (I know. I hate me too.)

Anyway. Back to magic. (ha)

I'm always wishing I was a super organized blogger with posts ready to go weeks in advance, but that's just not me. I want it to be. Maybe it will, but just not now. Sometimes my brain works better when it's messy (creative minds are rarely tidy, right?) and I don't have it all together. 

I think one of my goals for the new year is to be more mindful of how I want to do something, but not get hung up on it. We're too hung up on things and too hard on ourselves if we don't have it all together. 

Maybe there wasn't a point to this post. I don't know. I do that I wish I was something too much. More organized. More motivated. More whatever. 

Maybe I should just.... be.

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