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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Instagram and me go together like margaritas and Mexican food. Hot chocolate and marshmallows. Peanut butter and jelly.....You get the idea. 

It's not all in vain, though. IG is on the top of my social media list for a reason: the photos. ("DUH Kaeleen," you say) Hang with me.

The photos that strike inspiration in me in some way as I'm scrolling through my feed are the ones I appreciate the most, whether it's a perfectly placed Starbucks cup or a witty quote or pretty outfit. AKA photos from feeds like the ones below. (segway, HEY OH)

// @heleneinbetween
Helene's blog is always full of inspiration and pretty things and her instagram is no different.

// @tayloredwards  
Taylor is a (super rad) musician who followed me on twitter awhile back so obviously I had to do some lurking of my own. The results? Her use of pretty filters gives the perfect mix of laid-back California and girly hipster vibes.

// @rowanblanchard
My love for Rowan runs deep and her feed is filled with everything from colorful skies to posts on important social issues.

Arin's blog + feed combine some of my most favorites: glitter, color and pretty things.

A photo posted by ✨ Arin ✨ (@heartofchic) on

// @thedailytay
How do I even describe Taylor? Witty, creative, and obsessed with her dog? Yeah, that's it. Somehow her feed captures all of it wonderfully.

Katy's photos are always perfectly curated, captured, and inspiring. I don't know, it's like she makes creative content on the regular or something.

What are some of your favorite feeds? Tell me who I should follow next! (I'm over at @misskaemichelle, if you were curious. you know.)

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